Firefox 3 for Developers…

I spent a little time this afternoon reading about Firefox 3 for Developers so I could kind of get an idea of what lies ahead in the next browser release.  I found out some pretty interesting features that will be available for end users, see the list below.  If you are a developer, check out this link for more information that is of … [Read more...]

Dude Flips Out at Cubicle World…

I have no idea where this was at but some dude obviously just can't take it anymore and goes nuts tearing up "cubicle world" and finally had to be subdued. His rant goes on for a few minutes though before they stop him. I have to admit, if I would have been in the same room I would have probably been too hysterical to help out... this is just … [Read more...]

Dunkin’ Donuts / Rachael Ray Ad

When this story broke yesterday I couldn't help but laugh.  It's sad that we live in a society that this could even be an issue.  She's trying to help sell $4 mocha latte's folks, not support jihad...  Geesh.  It makes for some good humor though.  Just a thought though, couldn't someone just use Photoshop and fix this … [Read more...]

Google, Starbucks, and You…

Elliot Noss of Tucows delivered an interesting Keynote Presentation at ISPCON in Chicago.  I have seen this posted on a few of my friends blogs so I decided to take a listen, it's a great perspective...   … [Read more...]

Mozilla Messaging – TB3?

If Mozilla can get together a product that is as effective as outlook and has the ability to sync with Plaxo, LinkedIn, and my Palm Treo Smartphone, I will completely migrate my 20 years worth of Business Data, 2500+ contacts, etc. to Thunderbird 3 when it is complete and out of Beta!  Microsoft, this will essentially severe our ties forever! … [Read more...]