10 Apps on the Facebook API

I was forwarded Adam Ostrow’s post on Mashable today from Joel Kunert & it was worth sharing since some of these applications I hadn’t even heard of before.  As opposed to the relatively new Digg API, the Facebook API has been available to developers since the summer. With more than 100 applications now featured in the Facebook … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!

As I sit at my desk and wind through the last few emails in my inbox for the year I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients who made 2008 a great year for Pleth.  I also would like to wish everyone a Happy & Prosperous 2009!  If there is anything my partners and I can do for you or your business this next year, … [Read more...]

Features for WordPress 2.8

Wordpress 2.7 has only been out for a short time but the folks at Automattic and the Wordpress Developer community are already looking forward to version 2.8.  If you haven’t already upgraded to 2.7, you should do so pretty quickly.  It’s a major redesign of the backend / dashboard.  I have slowly migrated my clients over to the new … [Read more...]

Denver Broncos fire Mike Shanahan

I know that there are probably in Denver with stronger feelings about this than I do but I sure didn't see the firing of Mike Shanahan coming today, I really didn't.  Sure, their season fell apart toward the end of the season, but who in the world are you going to get to replace him?  Out of all of the bad coaches in the NFL, like the … [Read more...]

6 New Web Technologies of 2008

There was a great article on Wired.com this morning about 6 new web technologies that emerged in 2008 that everyone needs to use now.  Michael Calore did a great job in this piece, be sure to check out what the top one deals with, Digital Identity! Every year, we see scores of innovations trickle onto the web — everything from new browser … [Read more...]