The Church Alive Wins Best of Show!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Pleth Networks, LLC was the proud recipient of 4 silver and 1 bronze Addy Awards at the 2009 NEA Adfed Banquet held in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  In addition to the silver and bronze awards, we were also honored to have one of our entries, The Church Alive, chosen as this years coveted best of show for … [Read more...]

Facebook TOS Update

I posted a blog entry last week about the whole Facebook Terms of Use thing that everyone was up in arms about and subsequently was pulled by Facebook after a public outcry.  Here’s that blog post if you are interested. Well, apparently the upper level management at Facebook has enlisted a PR firm or something because I see a little bit of … [Read more...]

What Can Eclipse Owners Do??

Here’s my question, if you forked out a million bucks for an airplane and the company goes out of business a year or so later and the FAA decides to ground the aircraft because there is no company out there to support the type certificate, what recourse do you have as an owner??  This Eclipse thing is going to end up being a huge mess! … [Read more...]

Awesome #refreshca Meetup Last Night!

We had our first Central Arkansas Refresh Group Meetup last night at Starbucks on Rodney Parham Road last night and close to 20 programmers, bloggers, and all around tech folks showed up.  It was a lot of fun, we had a blast!  After the wall to wall introductions were made it was apparent that the group was extremely diverse.  … [Read more...]

Children’s Miracle Network / IHOP

If you are into pancakes and want to help out a worthy cause, you should head to your local IHOP today and take advantage of their free pancakes fundraiser, National Pancake Day Celebration, where the proceeds go toward supporting the Children’s Miracle Network.  Not that I really need the extra calories or anything but I might go anyway to … [Read more...]