Logo Suggestion from Critch…


Okay, I laughed at this one but it’s not funny!  Matt Critcher apparently ran across this somewhere and thought that it would be an appropriate logo for my blog because quoting Matt, “it’s crap anyway…”  Had I known that The Cotton Club name pertained to anything for anything other than a subpar movie and a legendary night club I probably … [Read more...]

Darren’s 21 Blogging Mistakes…

I have to hand it to Darren Rowse again on another great post.  Recently, @alisonkerr asked the question on Twitter, “What’s the most common mistake made by new bloggers? How can we avoid it?“ Since Blogging has become a buzzword that has trickled down to the “unwired society” it’s something I get a lot of questions from both existing and … [Read more...]

Project Management w/ Basecamp for Web Developers


Now that Pleth has 3 locations (Batesville, Conway, and Jonesboro) being able to manage multiple projects at the same time has grown way past the enormous whiteboard at our Batesville office, and being somewhat OCD, I have always looked at a whiteboard in my office as more of a hindrance than a help anyway.  In the past our internal project … [Read more...]

Critch on VMware, Apache, PHP/MySQL

I am happy (bordering on giddy) that our server engineer / administrator Matt Critcher is now blogging, dude is probably one of the sharpest guys I have ever met and he is an all around cool guy to hang with too, but beware of the fancy cheese he brings to dinner parties because you could find yourself in the emergency room on New Years Eve thanks … [Read more...]

Turkish Hackers Break Into US Army Servers


Speaking from experience, Turkish hackers are probably some of the most underestimated and resourceful hackers on the planet.  My partners and I have been around the block w/ some Turkish hackers in the past and even involved the FBI once during a pretty persistent onslaught and I walked away from that experience pretty impressed with their … [Read more...]