Moving Files to the Cloud


I have every source file from every web project that I have worked on for the past 10+ years stored on physical drives inside my office connected to my network. I also have backup media (CD’s, DVD’s) of these files also cataloged in an enormous library as a redundant backup system.  This has served me well over the years as I have always been able … [Read more...]

Let’s Make History in 2011


Usually this time of year everyone starts setting goals or resolutions for the new year. Some of these goals we reach, or at least come close enough that we feel good about them. Some not so much.  This year I am keeping it simple, instead of just saying that I want to be successful in 2011, I want to make history in 2011. If you share this mindset … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Net Neutrality


I have had a couple of people ask me about Net Neutrality lately so I figured I would do a post on the topic to educate those who might not be familiar. When the internet was created, it was created to be this free and open area where users could share information and interact with other users as they choose. When we use the Internet we typically … [Read more...]

Rohrscheib Christmas Blog 2010


For those of you that are close to Donna and I, you already know that 2010 has been a year of ups and downs for us.  With that being said, this Christmas letter might not have the same tone as ones you might have received from us in the past.  I have been instructed to keep this short and sweet, so here goes… Dealing w/ Setbacks & Moving … [Read more...]

Green Cart Deli Hot Dogs FTW!!


One thing that I always like to point out on my blog are cool brands or businesses that I run across who are using social media to grow their business and to communicate with their base.  I didn’t have to look very far to find the topic for this post, instead I ran across this guy right here in Conway by way of recommendations from my friends on … [Read more...]