Houston Nutt: Deja Vu in Oxford


This past weekend my wife and I rendezvoused w/ my parents at the farm and headed to Oxford, Mississippi bright and early Saturday morning to see the Razorbacks do battle w/ the Ole Miss Rebels. Needless to say we went thinking that we were going to quickly do work on the Rebels. That simply wasn't the case. Yes, we did get a win, but it was a hard … [Read more...]

Breaking News: We’re Having a Baby!!!


It's no secret that my wife and I have wanted to have children for a long time now. Having tried on our own for the better part of our 6 year marriage and enduring months of expensive fertility treatments, out of pocket surgeries, and three painful miscarriages we had decided to pursue another route recently to build our family. After a lot of … [Read more...]

My Ongoing Battle w/ ADHD


In honor of ADHD awareness week (more)I thought I would do this post for those that may know very little about Attention Deficit Disorder. Over the years I have been very public about the fact that I have ADHD. This is something we didn't discover until I was in my late 20's / early thirties after I decided to be tested because I knew my reading … [Read more...]

New Caricature! What do you think?


My friend, Tim Langley at YouBlether.com, floored me this morning when he sent this caricature of me over Skype this morning! What an awesome job! The inside joke on this is that I rarely ever wear a tie, it takes someone usually either dying or getting married for me to put on a tie. My business partners are the exact same way, I've only seen them … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Dan Wheldon


As far as motorsports go I've never been as big of an Indy Car fan as I am a NASCAR fan for obvious reasons, but I do have a few drivers in the Indy league that I have always liked and admired, Dan Wheldon was one. I wasn't home watching the race today like I had originally planned and it hit me like a brick that Dan Wheldon had been killed in … [Read more...]