Reflections on Christmas 2013


I think when we become parents we have a lot of things that we said "we'd always do" or "we'd never do when we are parents" blow up in our faces one by one in the first few years. I made the declaration to myself right after we were blessed w/ my son Spencer that I would be the historian for his entire childhood by blogging and photographing his … [Read more...]

Everyday Gratitude…


I've noticed the trend has fired up on Facebook again this month (and already fizzled for some) where everyone posts something they are thankful or grateful for each day. While I like that idea I've always wondered why we really put a lot of focus on doing this once a year, and yes I get it, it's Thanksgiving after all that. The point I'm trying to … [Read more...]

Diabetes Sucks, but I’m Winning!


So, last week I regained feeling in both of my feet, something that had been a constant issue for me since December of last year because of Neuropathy. I haven't been doing anything special really, just eating less and more often during the day, keeping my levels around 110-130. My vision issues have also subsided considerably which has allowed me … [Read more...]

NLC Life Group: The God I Never Knew…


Since Donna and I have been at New Life Church, we've hosted & co-lead small groups w/ some other great couples but we've never actually led a group on our own so we are very excited about this semester. We've chosen 'The God I Never Knew' by Robert Morris as our curriculum and having spent a few hours this evening previewing it, I'm pretty … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts on Back to School…


I wish I had a dollar for every back to school picture I've seen posted by friends with kiddos the past two or three days, and don't get me wrong, I'm totally that guy nowadays! I'm constantly blowing up instagram everytime my kiddo breaks wind or does something cool. The other day my good friend Arlton shared a video on Facebook that really got me … [Read more...]

Update: The Intersection of Donaghey & Favre!!

city seal

Well, my snarky video on YouTube about the intersection of Donaghey & Favre (see below) has gotten the attention of the city council and the mayor as well as several other citizens who have emailed, left comments, etc. I regret not approaching some of my friends on the city council w/ this issue because they sincerely do care about Conway and … [Read more...]

A Life / Business Lesson on Control That I’m Anxious to Share w/ My Son One Day…


Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. - James 1:19 I did something I rarely do today, I lost my cool over something today w/ someone and went on a rant & for lack of a better term "stood my ground". I typically don't like this, I'm not what you would consider a confrontational person but you can ask those close to me, … [Read more...]