The Best of Weinergate

In case you are not familiar w/ Anthony Weiner, here’s a link to his Wikipedia page. In short, he’s the U.S. Representative from the 9th District of New York, and one heck of a bulldog politician from what I have seen of him during his career. Well, Weiner has been “in hot water” lately because he has an interesting hobby. While a lot of us enjoy things like Reading, Fishing, or Cooking, Representative Weiner prefers to snap lewd photos of himself and send them to his female friends via social media. I guess we should consider it a hobby, hopefully it’s not some sort of perverted obsession or something like that, that’s not my call to make, to each their own…

When this story first broke I immediately knew what had happened, he had sent a TwitPic via private message to a follower and didn’t realize that while his tweet was private, his twitpic was just sitting out there on the web for the world to see. Okay, rookie mistake, I took a few minutes to appreciate the irony of the fact that his name was Weiner and it was a photo of his Weiner that got him into trouble. Funny, I dare you not to laugh. Well, as days went on he adamantly denied sending the photo and said that his account was hacked and that’s how the photo got out there. I really wanted to believe this guy but in the back of my mind I knew he had probably sent the pic. I was working late one evening and saw an interview that Weiner did w/ Wolf Blitzer on CNN where when asked if the photo was of him, he had the most evasive answer I have ever seen in my life. hmmmm…

A few days later, CNN was on in my office and I watched what was probably the most horrific press conference I have ever seen in my life, this thing was a PR nightmare and the longer it went on, the harder it was to watch, of course I couldn’t turn away, just like when you see an auto accident or anything else traumatic, it draws you in. As this press conference went on Weiner admitted that he had sent the picture to the girl and yes, that was his pants tater in the photo. If I were consulting the guy, I would have tackled him to get off the stage following his public admission and apology but no, he continued on for what seemed like an eternity taking questions from reporters about the whole “weinergate” scandal and each time he answered the entire story started getting more and more bizarre. Apparently there were other women he sent pics too, and apparently there are other pics…  I started asking myself if others took photos of themselves and sent them to their wives or girlfriends, was I an oddball because I had never used that approach to women before? And, most importantly, does that approach work?

Weiner is a hard nosed Democrat who has always attracted a lot of heat from the conservative bloggers because honestly, he doesn’t give an inch when negotiating w/ conservatives and can at times be a little hard to get a long with from across the aisle. Well, long story short, a conservative blogger showed up a few minutes before Weiners press conference and got behind the podium and took questions from the press about his involvement in the scandal. We then learned that the photo of Weiner that we had all seen on the news wasn’t the only photo of Weiner out there, and apparently this guy was carrying around these photos on his phone. I stopped and thought to myself, what kind of dude carries around photos of another guys package on his phone? Lol, I am just glad I am not a political blogger and have these things to worry about. I have friends who let their kids play w/ their phones, can you imagine the dangers that would pose? Dad, what’s this?? LOL

Well, this blogger, I think his name is Anthony Breitbart, was asked to be on some XM radio show where he pulled the photo up on his phone and passed it around to the radio jocks to let them see this photo because there’s no harm in the photo going public right? After all it’s radio. Right, Radio that just so happens to be streamed online to millions of people watching the show from their home computers. You guessed it, a still frame from the radio show made it’s way to the twitterverse faster than ants crawling on a snow cone. It wasn’t before long we were all exposed to Rep. Weiner’s Weiner…  Joy.

Not long after the second photo was public, and trust me, it was one of those “in your face” type shots that just makes you giggle, the popular website TMZ posted some additional photos of Weiner sitting topless at his computer and then a few more followed where he was posing in the congressional locker room wearing only a towl and a smile. In one of the photos he appears to be grabbing his manhood, it’s just too embarrassing to describe so here’s the link, check them out for yourself.

You have to give it to this guy, he is devoted to his photography hobby! I bet I have seen 20 or so photos of this guy taking pictures of himself. I mean seriously, who has that kind of time? It wasn’t long after this scandal started that a few of my friends started sending me text messages w/ photos of their crotches, none of them naked (thank goodness, it’d be funny but highly innapropriate at the dinner table, or during a meeting. Come to think about it, there’s not really ever a good time to get photos like that from your friends, haha.).

Well, today, facing much pressure from his own party, he resigned. This guy was so popular w/ his friends in the 9th district of New York that he still has 4 million dollars in his re-election account just sitting there. It’s all kind of sad when you think about it, oh and get this, his wife just found out she’s pregnant. I’m not sure anyone from the press has scored an interview w/ her yet, if they have I haven’t seen it. Ironically, she works for Hillary Clinton and get this, Bill Clinton actually married Representative Weiner and his wife. Everywhere you turn and this political controversy is ironic and hilarious.

My favorite part about this scandal has been watching respected reporters on television like Wolf Blitzer have to say things like “It doesn’t surprise me that pressure has been mounting for Weiner” while keeping a straight face, and respected news outlets printing headlines like, ‘It’s Time for Weiner to Pull Out!”, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Seeing as how we might not have another political controversy like this one again for quite sometime I figured I would do this post and include some of my favorite links, headlines, and of course screengrabs from the past few weeks so we could look back on them and laugh…

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These are just a few that I have collected from around the web, I know there are thousands. Please feel free to comment below w/ links to your favorite Weinergate scandal headlines or photos. While it appears this scandal is going to die down soon, maybe in some small way we can keep this thing going on for a little longer… (no pun intended)