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Since I lead a pretty transparent life and share the most mundane things under the sun on Facebook and Twitter, just about everyone who follows me and my blog already is well aware of the fact that I was diagnosed w/ Type II Diabetes, a disease that has literally subtracted people from my life that I cared deeply about. I blogged about the entire experience during and after the diagnosis and revealed my motivations for fighting this thing tooth and nail. Given the fact that I am very transparent, and have been sharing my daily blood glucose level readings w/ my friends on Facebook and Twitter, I have had a lot of people (that I had no idea were also battling diabetes) inquire as to what I’m doing and I have made no bones about it, I’ve been using a product that’s completely off the grid (at least for now) in the United States. This is a product that was formulated in Mexico by some very good friends (who also is a doctor), the label is in Spanish!

The results that I have experienced have been phenomenal, but let me preface this by saying that I can’t give all the credit to this product, I’m also exercising each morning and eating a diet that is complete w/ good proteins with good carbs that are restricted to fewer than 65g a day, even though I usually target 40-45g personally. These carbs are what are considered good carbs, like grilled squash, asparagus, etc., and not your off the shelf Ramen Noodles. But aside from just the dietary and exercise changes I have made, which honestly aren’t that obtrusive in my lifestyle, the only other thing I’m doing differently is taking this product. I’ve lost 2 pants sizes and dropped twenty pounds (there’s actually a pretty funny tweet that I shared recently where my pants fell off in Target as I had both arms full walking right down the middle of the store). Originally the product was marketed as a weight loss, wellness, and performance enhancing product, in fact, you only see healthy, young vibrant people in their videos (many of which are my good friends by the way), so for an overweight guy in his 40’s that hates exercise and sits behind a computer all day long to have some tangible results, I think that speaks volumes for the product. In case you haven’t seen my results, I’m sharing a few of my most recent blood sugar readings in a gallery below.

About Inspire International Products

Several of you guys have expressed an interest in learning more about this product, and that’s been the hard part for me because as many of you that know me can attest, I don’t endorse things that I don’t personally believe in or use. I always admired Paul Harvey and that was his position as well. After a lot of prayer, and actually using the product and seeing results, I’m prepared to give it my stamp of endorsement and recommend it to my readers, friends, and even family.

The first criteria for me was, is it snake oil? I recently tried a product along w/ my wife where you put this shake mix (won’t mention any names) into a blender w/ fruit and use this shake as a meal replacement. I gained 4 pounds and still have 2 or 3 unopened boxes of the product laying around, that being said, I have known people that have used that exact same product and lost weight. Maybe I was doing it wrong, or possibly my body is wired differently. I don’t know.

I can honestly say, for me, the Inspire products are not snake oil. Secondly, I know the company well, I am close friends w/ the owners and trust their business practices, respect their expertise in the field of science, medicine, and nutrition, and trust me that’s huge for me to say that. Full disclosure, my company, Pleth, LLC, hosts the website for their company, Inspire International, and has for a long time, even before they brought this product to the United States and long before I was ever diagnosed w/ diabetes, and they pay us monthly for this service, but not to endorse this product. That part I do willingly.

Basic Information:

Okay, for those of you that have asked for more information, here you go…

For those of you that might remember, many moons ago I had a business called, The Protein Store, which was basically a vendor for some nutritional companies that catered to people on the Atkins / Southbeach diets. I sold that business and database to a larger operation that had more time to devote to the brand and they eventually used this as a basis to expand their business. My reasoning for selling was because health and nutrition wasn’t my passion, developing my web applications business was, and still is my primary focus. With that being said, as much as I would love to dedicate several hours a week to helping my friends grow their business and share the good news about this product, I can’t justify it because Pleth is growing into one of the most successful agencies of our kind in the region and to continue on that path is going to take my full dedication and commitment. BUT, there’s good news, I am still going to be involved with this exciting new product as an Ambassador that shares my own personal results in an ongoing dialogue on this blog as well as through social media.

Get More Information, Try the Products!

More good news, if any of you are interested in trying the product, you can fill out the form below and my good friend Will Hightower, who works w/ Inspire, has agreed to follow up with each of you and get you setup with more information on the product. If you are interested, just complete the form below and get more information…

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Lower Blood Sugar Readings!

Oh, and almost forgot, here are some actual results that I’ve seen since taking Inspire products after being diagnosed w/ Type II Diabetes.