Something Big is Buzzing…

WSJ-LogoYesterday I had the privilege of doing a phone interview with the Wall Street Journal about a big start-up that’s getting ready to launch from right here in Central Arkansas. I’ve been talking about .buzz for a while now because I’ve had the honor to serve as an adviser to this start-up, and having been in the industry as long as I have I can honestly tell you that it’s going to change the landscape of the internet. The article won’t be out for a few days so I won’t go into any details about my part of the story, but suffice to say it’s pretty exciting stuff.

So, what is the big deal about .buzz? The cool thing about .buzz, in my opinion, is that it’s one of the most viable TLD’s hitting the market this year. It’s a very versatile TLD, just like .com, .net, and .info – it’s one of those TLD’s that can serve just about any purpose for a brand or organization that wants to promote their news, or “buzz” (see what I did there?).

Keep in mind that there are a lot of TLD’s getting ready to flood the market, in fact, here’s a list. Without letting the cat out of the bag regarding two startups that are going to be launching w/ the .buzz TLD I will go ahead and go on record as saying that this website will soon find itself w/ a new domain… wait for it, That has a ring to it huh? I’m not for sure when exactly it will be available but stay tuned.

Also, in an effort to cross-promote another Arkansas company, Pleth will have .buzz TLD’s available for registration very soon in our registration portal (stay tuned for that link in the coming weeks). As soon as the story comes out in the Wall Street Journal I’ll be sure to share the link…



  • tejones

    hmmm. need to be in on this dude!

    • Cotton Rohrscheib

      Sent you a note this morning about some possible times I’ve got open to do a phone call w/ you. Sorry can’t get together this week. Pretty

      • tejones

        Hey I sent you an email back. This exciting!