Stay Tuned for NASCAR Posts in 2010

nascar-blog-link This past year I did a lot of blogging on the topic of NASCAR for a side project that my partners and I launched.  I covered probably half of the season and supplied content on a bi-weekly basis related to the drivers and teams involved with the sport.  While 2009 was an awesome season, I think that 2010 is going to be even better.  With that being said, I just wanted to let all of you that followed my NASCAR posts on other websites that it is my intention to incorporate NASCAR into the list of topics that I blog about here at The Cotton Club.

There is a school of thought that bloggers should stick to one topic and I have to admit I have even bought into this school of thought myself.  Since I primarily blog about my business, Pleth, and the products and services that we provide, which include Email Outsourcing, Managed Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Application Development, and Website Design, it literally flies in the face of reason that I would even consider adding another topic to my blog that is as unrelated as NASCAR to my categories.  I have to admit that I have given it a lot of thought, and even considered launching a NASCAR only blog separate from The Cotton Club but decided against it.

My reasoning for adding NASCAR to The Cotton Club is simple, my readers come to my blog to hear from me, not necessarily about a particular topic.  Occasionally I have blogged about Sports and other topics and for the most part those posts have been all well received.  I have also posted a lot of unrelated viral videos to this blog over the years and they have become very popular as well.  I looked around at what other bloggers in the industry were doing and noticed that a few of them have already broken out of the mindset that they have to stay on topic.  I have seen ShoeMoney blog about UFC fights in the past on his blog and if anything he has picked up readership.

In closing I want to say this, I don’t expect to post near as many NASCAR related posts as I do business posts.  In fact, I bet there will be a 5:1 ratio on my posts, if not more than that, I am just hoping to broaden my horizons in 2010 and have some fun.  If readership picks up, great.  If it drops, oh well.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with NASCAR.  I am merely a fan of the sport and any views that I may express on this blog are solely my views and in no way reflect the views of NASCAR or it’s parent company, ISC (International Speedway Corp.).