Workaround for CSS text-shadow blur effect issues w/ Google Chrome Browser?


I probably should have noticed this a long time ago but seeing as how I'm in Mozilla Firefox 90% of the time it's easy to see how this sneaked past me, but on many websites today there is a CSS feature called: text-shadow (blur) that gives the site content a real nice effect. I'm personally a fan, if you are viewing this website w/ Firefox you will … [Read more...]

Adding Color Content Boxes via CSS


When it comes to my/our industry, one of the coolest things to me has always been that you can usually sit down and find tutorials online to build or do just about anything you can imagine, and these tools are usually shared openly by other developers. A prime example of this was last week when I shared one of Brian Gardner's posts from … [Read more...]

Using CSS3 Gradient Buttons


Okay, so Brian Gardner shared something pretty cool on his blog the other day and I wanted to be sure to share it here as well because I always like referring back to cool tricks like this from time to time on client projects. Occasionally there are times when you might want to add a button to a page or post as opposed to a text link to draw … [Read more...]

Pleth Website Redesign!!!


I have had so many things going on lately that I haven't had time to brag on our team at Pleth for doing an amazing job on our new website redesign! I honestly can't remember how long this project has been in the works because every time the guys would get some free time to work on our website we would get busy all over again with a new wave of … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Toolbox?


It’s going to be a long weekend… With the help of my good friend Keith Crawford, I plan on reformatting my primary development machine today and doing a clean install of Windows 7. This project is long overdue, I can’t remember the last time I reformatted my drive, in fact this SATA drive that I am using now initially ran XP and then VISTA … [Read more...]