Pleth Crew on the Road…


We have a few members of the Pleth crew hitting the road this month, possibly coming to a town near you soon! One upcoming event will be held at Volt Industrial Plastics and the topic of the workshop is "Getting Started with Social Media for Businesses" (see details below). Pleth is making this presentation in conjunction with the Yellville Chamber … [Read more...]

Project Glass by Google! Holy Cow!!


I was fascinated by the iPhone the first time I saw it, since then nothing has really impressed me until today when I saw the new Project Glass from Google. Okay, I'll admit I thought the iPad was pretty cool too when I saw it, but then it sunk in, it's a bigger iPhone, duh. This project Glass thing though, wow. In case you haven't seen it here's … [Read more...]

EP:024 – The Cotton Club Podcast


After a brief hiatus The Cotton Club was back online this evening w/ Keith Crawford, Tyler Presley, Steven Trotter, Chris Spencer, and Mike Fraietta to discuss Google+. Being that Google+ is fairly new, this was the first chance for me to really connect w/ some of my friends to get their take on the new product. It was also very cool to have Mike … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Google+


I have had a Google+ account for a while now and aside from a few chat sessions, or hangouts, the week it was launched, I pretty much just got around to checking it out this evening.  I must say I am pretty impressed so far w/ the level of engagement I see as well as the clean design that Google has brought to the table. One key feature that I … [Read more...]

EP:009 – The Cotton Club Podcast


Just wrapped up another episode of The Cotton Club Podcast tonight w/ guest hosts Brant Collins and Robert Blake.  The topic for discussion for this evenings show was SEO, or search engine optimization.  I have actually gotten a lot of requests from people to do a show on this topic so hopefully we did a good enough job explaining our viewpoints … [Read more...]