Feedburner Socialize Service (Push RSS to Twitter)


Lately I have had a lot of frustrations regarding Feedburner regarding the way they randomly drop my subscription counts.  On any given day my subscription counts can drop from somewhere in the 900’s to the 300’s for no apparent reason.  Most of the lost subscriptions can usually be tracked back to FriendFeed but after going back and … [Read more...]

How Bing Will Rank Your Tweets

I blogged a few days ago about Microsoft Bing and Google’s announcement that they were both going to start incorporating our Tweets into their search results.  There has been a lot of speculation as to how these Tweets are gong to show up in their search results. I have been following all of this pretty closely as it is going to directly … [Read more...]

How Google’s Social Search Works

Google announced their new Social Search product this week on their blog.  Google Social Search is still in the experimental phase but it looks promising. Once you factor in Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, and a Blog, most of us publish a lot of content.  Some of this information can be useful to others, and even though they are connected … [Read more...]

Be Careful What You Say on Facebook & Twitter

In case you haven’t heard this already, Google and Microsoft (Bing) both announced that they will be displaying tweets from Twitter and status messages from Facebook in their search results.  Now for the most part I know that most of us already exercise caution in what we put out there, but I honestly believe that there are going to be a few … [Read more...]

Great Blog Content –vs- SEO

A while back I did a post on Social Saturation and Search Engine Optimization, in that post I emphasized how important it is to get your content onto the social networks.  I was reading a post today by Dawn Foster at Web Worker Daily and she brought up some points that I also agree with and I wanted to share it w/ you.  In her post she … [Read more...]

Work From Home Scams Exploiting Twitter and Google

Since I have worked in this industry for a long time people often reach out to me with their web-related business ventures and ideas to more or less bounce them off of me.  One of the most common questions I get these days are related to the home based business scams using the name and even logos of Twitter and/or Google. These things are … [Read more...]

Another Reason Social Saturation is Important

The report that shows the rise in usage posted on Yahoo didn’t surprise me too much this week when my good friend Brant Collins (another authority on social media) tweeted this link the other day.  Social Networking is here and has been for a while now.  It is for this very reason that my partners and I consult our clients to not only … [Read more...]