Bringing Back The Podcast…


Somewhere around July of 2011 things really exploded at Pleth and we really hit a growth spurt. I think back in the day we had like 3 or 4 employees and were primarily doing business out of our Conway and Batesville offices and today we probably have like 20 or something employees, I don't know (every time I visit our Jonesboro office I am … [Read more...]

How is this “Fair & Balanced”?


I am fixing to break one of my cardinal rules and open myself up to a potential political debate.  But several things have been brewing lately that led up to this moment, so please oblige me this one post and feel free to join in the discussion by leaving your comments below.  My purpose for this blog post is not to involve my political leanings … [Read more...]

Interview w/ KTHV

Conway, Arkansas was recently named as the 6th Geekiest City in the United States by Online Universities. Other cities on the list included Hartford, Silicon Valley, San Diego and Austin. This is a pretty big deal for Conway and I was honored when KTHV called today and asked me if I would be interested in doing an interview w/ them on this … [Read more...]

My Sunday Evening Rant


I was in my office this morning working on a project and before watching our church live stream I turned on some of the Sunday morning political pundits to see what they were talking about.  I heard one of the hosts say that The Huffington Post was celebrating it’s 5th year online this weekend.  They also went on to say that The … [Read more...]

Rupert Murdoch’s Latest Plan to Become Invisible

Okay, so I don’t usually bash people on here, unless of course their name is Rupert Murdoch.  In the past I have bashed Murdoch for saying things like, The Internet is Going Away, and People Will Pay for News, but his latest plan might be just the thing Fox and all of his other News Corp entities need to become completely irrelevant. Murdoch’s … [Read more...]