Marketplace Coming Soon…


In the coming weeks and months I’m going to be adding some premium scripts, genesis framework child themes and plugins for wordpress into a new section of this website called the marketplace. Many of these premium additions will be for use with the studiopress genesis framework (which will need to be purchased and downloaded here). In addition to … [Read more...]

Powersite Real Estate CMS (Deprecated)


It doesn't seem like that long ago that it seemed like a practical idea to hand code custom solutions for clients using PHP/MySQL from scratch or onto of light frameworks as opposed to just extending CMS (Content Management Solutions), but in reality it has been a long time and I'm just getting old. Several years ago I worked with several Real … [Read more...]

What’s In Your Toolbox?


It’s going to be a long weekend… With the help of my good friend Keith Crawford, I plan on reformatting my primary development machine today and doing a clean install of Windows 7. This project is long overdue, I can’t remember the last time I reformatted my drive, in fact this SATA drive that I am using now initially ran XP and then VISTA … [Read more...]

PHPR Search Panel on _list.php?

I ran into something this evening using v5.2 of PHPRunner’s IDE / Code Generator that has me puzzled a bit.  I have already brought it to Xlinesoft’s attention to inquire about the issue but haven’t heard back, and I have posted a message on the message board related to the issue as well.   What is the issue?  Well, it has to do … [Read more...]

Real Impressed w/ PHPR v5.2


I had a client that I did some application development for several years ago contact me this week for some routine maintenance to their solution.  The project was simple enough, just building a dynamic URL w/ {$values_called_in} from the database.  This custom URL would hit their existing search function and return their search … [Read more...]

Online PHP Training w/ Edward Tanguay


I haven’t posted any recommendations for products on this blog in a long time but I wanted to be sure to mention an online PHP Training course that I was shown today by Edward Tanguay. I was first introduced to Edward Tanguay by his brother, Pete Tanguay, CEO of Rock-Pond Solutions. In addition to being good friends, Pete and I have several … [Read more...]

EP:002 – The Cotton Club Podcast


I am still continuing to get my audio settings tweaked for these shows so please bear with me on this, hopefully in the next few episodes I can get this all ironed out. I wanted to release another edition of The Cotton Club this week before heading out of town so I asked my good friend Bill Wheeler of SWScripts to be on the show, Bill is also … [Read more...]