The Best of Weinergate


In case you are not familiar w/ Anthony Weiner, here's a link to his Wikipedia page. In short, he's the U.S. Representative from the 9th District of New York, and one heck of a bulldog politician from what I have seen of him during his career. Well, Weiner has been "in hot water" lately because he has an interesting hobby. While a lot of us enjoy … [Read more...]

How is this “Fair & Balanced”?


I am fixing to break one of my cardinal rules and open myself up to a potential political debate.  But several things have been brewing lately that led up to this moment, so please oblige me this one post and feel free to join in the discussion by leaving your comments below.  My purpose for this blog post is not to involve my political leanings … [Read more...]

Projects: Crawford for Congress


Another one of my recent projects has been a political website for Republican First Congressional District Candidate Rick Crawford.  We were retained by the Crawford Campaign to redesign their existing website and to incorporate some new functionality to their base Wordpress installation.  Given the amount of plugins that are available … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Palin at Daytona 500 NASCAR Race

It takes a brave person to blog about anything remotely tied to politics, of course unless they are just too funny to pass up.  This one is just that.  I might have to reach out to my good friend and political blogger David Kinkade to see if he wants to head down to Daytona w/ me for the 500 and cover this thing from a political … [Read more...]