Proud Father of a Child Superstar!


Okay, so I'm sitting in a high school gymnasium wire-framing a website with about a hundred or so actors all in costume waiting for their scene to be called out over the loudspeaker. It's a pretty cool experience to say the least. Spencer has had a blast this morning getting to know the rest of the cast and the crew. I just had a guy come over and … [Read more...]

Updated: Spencer’s Big Break…


Okay, so here's something that just totally came out of left field today. I've been going back and forth w/ a representative from the movie, 'Greater: The Brandon Burlsworth Story', and long story short, Spencer is going to be in the movie!!! He's going to be playing the role of baby Aaron, which is Brandon's nephew. If you don't know the Brandon … [Read more...]

The Boy that Tickled Tusk’s Nose!!


Just something really quick and personal I wanted to share that is probably of very little importance to most people (especially given this terrible football weekend we just experienced, more on that later). Razorback Football has always been a big deal to our family, we absolutely love it, and even though Football Season usually coincides w/ the … [Read more...]

My Thoughts About Misery on Markham


Captain Max Pruss, captain of the Hindenburg, Edward Smith, captain of the Titanic, and now John L. Smith, head football coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. That's how a Sunday afternoon talk show ended their program this weekend, and appropriately so. This weekend was possibly the worst weekend in the history of Arkansas Razorback football, some … [Read more...]

Razorback Football: Who Would You Like to See As The Next Head Football Coach??


College Football Season is right around the corner and will be here before we know it. This season is going to definitely be exciting. We already know that this season at the University of Arkansas is going to be a season of change and transition, even our uniforms are going through a redesign. To what extent the program itself changes remains to … [Read more...]