Need Input on #RefreshCA

I have been extremely busy the past few months and haven't had a lot of spare time to dedicate to #RefreshCA. From what I have gathered several of you guys in the community have been pretty busy yourselves. Last month I put out a feeler to see if anyone had anything they wanted to hear about or present at the monthly meeting and didn't get a lot … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA – Tuesday, April 27th


Tomorrow night I will be speaking at the Central Arkansas Refresh monthly meetup alongside Robert Blake on a topic that everyone of us in the industry can relate to, How to Deal with Clients. The meeting is open to the public and starts at 6pm at The Flying Saucer in downtown Little Rock.  You can RSVP on Facebook if you want or just show up … [Read more...]

Projects: #RefreshCA Website


Recently I upgraded the Central Arkansas Refresh website to run MU, or BuddyPress as it is now called.  I also added some additional plugins to the site such as Disqus commenting platform, Feedburner Feedsmith, Kieran’s Calendar, and of course a BuddyPress Forum.  My hopes are that the website, which we currently don’t utilize, can become … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA – Tuesday, March 30th

This have been so hectic for me this past month that I haven’t even sent out the Facebook reminders to the Central Arkansas Refresh group about our meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 30th at 6pm.  We will be meeting in our usual location, downstairs at The Flying Saucer in downtown Little Rock.  For directions, please see the map … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA – GeoSocial Showdown

Be sure to join the Central Arkansas Refresh on February 23rd for our GeoSocial Showdown to discuss several of today’s top applications.  After a lot of discussion we have decided to have a little bit different format for this month’s meeting.  As opposed to having one speaker offer a presentation and then have group questions, we are going to have … [Read more...]

#RefreshCA GeoSocial Showdown (Update)

Recently I did a blog post asking for feedback regarding the format for our upcoming February Central Arkansas Refresh meeting on GeoSocial Applications.  I think for the most part we all agreed that there needs to be some sort of “intro” to each of the applications we are going to showcase.  Daniel Spillers brought up a good point in … [Read more...]

EP:001 – The Cotton Club Podcast


I finally got around to recording my first installment of The Cotton Club Podcast this evening.  My guest co-host for the show this evening was Keith Crawford, you may know him as @tsudo on Twitter. This initial podcast was just a test run to see how things work so that when Keith and I get ready to launch another sideline project called The Social … [Read more...]