New Responsive Child Theme for Genesis Framework: The Cotton Club


Typically I like to do a redesign of this blog each year, and I've known in my head exactly what I wanted to do with this iteration for quite some time, unfortunately, I've been pretty busy and haven't had the spare time to dedicate to this project. Recently, I forced myself to sit down and code out this new design, The Cotton Club v3.0. I've … [Read more...]

Live Blogging: Notes from NWA Techfest 2012


Having an awesome morning at NWA Techfest, great turnout for the inaugural event. Since all of my slides are ready for my 2pm presentation I figured I would live blog my notes (since I left my moleskin at home). So, if you were unable to make it up to Fayetteville this morning, enjoy... Had … [Read more...]

Marketplace Coming Soon…


In the coming weeks and months I’m going to be adding some premium scripts, genesis framework child themes and plugins for wordpress into a new section of this website called the marketplace. Many of these premium additions will be for use with the studiopress genesis framework (which will need to be purchased and downloaded here). In addition to … [Read more...]

My Recap from WordCamp Fayetteville…


This past weekend I had the privilege attending and speaking at Wordcamp Fayetteville 2012, it was an incredible conference (as always), and I wanted to share a few thoughts about the Conference and the weekend while they were still fresh on my mind. First off, kudos to the #WCFay team, they did an awesome job w/ this years event -- they always do! … [Read more...]

Faster Deployment w/ Genesis Theme Framework


I'm really looking forward to my talk at Wordcamp Fayetteville this year because it's totally different than any talk that I've ever really done. Typically, I will prepare an outline to work from that will be accompanied by a graphically driven presentation and pray to God continuously for an entire week leading up to the event that my ADHD doesn't … [Read more...]

Possible Solution / Fix for WordPress Plugin / Theme Auto Update


Have you ever wondered why plugins/themes fail to update OR you receive a yellow FTP warning on some installations and not on others? I've asked several developers from within the wordpress community this question before and no one really has an answer for me. Typically the sites that I have that won't auto-update are housed on servers outside of … [Read more...]

WordPress Menu Support for Older Themes


As a lot of you that are die-hard Wordpress users are probably already aware, Wordpress has launched their new menu builders under the appearance tab. The menu builder will allow you to create a menu from any categories, pages and links, order them by drag and drop, create submenus, etc. This is something that I am pretty sure was contributed to … [Read more...]