Presentation Preview for #WCFay


I will be doing a presentation titled 'Making WordPress Profitable for Agencies / Design Firms' during Wordcamp Fayetteville this year, which is taking place on July 30, 2011 in Fayetteville, at the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Enterprise Development. If you haven't registered already, there is still time, the price for general admission is $35 … [Read more...]

Current Projects: Rosewood Cremations


We completed a project for Rosewood Classic Coach a few months ago and they were so happy w/ the way the project turned out they asked us to take a look at their Rosewood Cremation website and convert it to Wordpress for them. In addition they also wanted to add a small amount of e-commerce to the site as well as converting some of their forms to … [Read more...]

Current Projects: Arkansas Adoption


This is a project that my wife and I are partnering with a local attorney, Shane Henry, to bring online that serves as a tool to recruit pregnant mothers that might be looking to either have an abortion or put their children up for adoption. Please be in prayer w/ Donna and I that we are able to locate a child through this effort... This website … [Read more...]

Current Projects: Gas & Mineral Rights


I am currently working w/ a client to develop a web resource that will allow property owners to sell their Gas and Mineral Rights to a group that is looking to invest. From a design standpoint, this is a very simple project and for the most part I have that part knocked out and we are just hammering out the details such as the contact forms and … [Read more...]

EP:014 – The Cotton Club Podcast


This evening I recorded another episode of The Cotton Club Podcast with Keith Crawford, Steven Trotter, and Mitch Canter.  It was awesome to have Mitch on the show w/ us this evening because he is an authority on all things wordpress in my opinion.  Keith and I first met Mitch at Wordcamp Fayetteville earlier this year and have followed his streams … [Read more...]

Project: WordPress Theme


One of the coolest things about Wordpress in my opinion is that when a client calls and wants a redesign or a fresh look for their website, it’s just a matter of sitting down and coding a new theme.  I launched Indian Hills Country Club first in 2001 and we have redesigned the website 3 times since then, this is the first dramatic departure … [Read more...]

Your Thoughts on WordPress?


I pretty much develop all of my clients websites these days using wordpress as the backend content management system unless there are some really far out project requirements that I don’t see wordpress as a good fit for. Honestly I don’t hear many project requirements these days that won’t work inside of wordpress, especially given the number of … [Read more...]