What’s In Your Toolbox?

It’s going to be a long weekend…

imageWith the help of my good friend Keith Crawford, I plan on reformatting my primary development machine today and doing a clean install of Windows 7. This project is long overdue, I can’t remember the last time I reformatted my drive, in fact this SATA drive that I am using now initially ran XP and then VISTA before I upgraded to WINDOWS 7 last year.  Fortunately I am pretty diligent when it comes to backups, so the project isn’t as daunting as it could be.

Where to Start Reloading Software??

While preparing my plan of action last night I went through my list of installed software to see what I would need to reinstall once I got the OS reloaded.  After going over the list I realized that I don’t use half of the programs that are installed on my machine.  This got me to thinking, what else is out there that I might be missing out on? What tools / software do you use to develop client projects?

Here’s a list of the software and desktop applications that I use, please leave me a comment and let me know what you are using and if there is something on the market that I need to look at…

  • Microsoft Outlook (Productivity) – Email, Calendars, Tasks, Notes, etc.
  • Evernote Desktop (Productivity) – Notes.
  • Microsoft Office Ultimate (Productivity) – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Microsoft Live Writer (Blogging) – WYSIWYG Blog Editor.
  • Jasc Paintshop Pro (Graphics) – Lightweight compared to PS and faster for some jobs.
  • Adobe Photoshop (Graphics) – All of the Bells & Whistles for Graphics.
  • Adobe Illustrator (Vector) – I haven’t found anything else that compares for Illustrations.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (Code Editor / WYSIWYG) – My favorite WYSIWYG editor.
  • Notepad++ (Code Editor) – Probably my favorite straight up code editor.
  • Eclipse (Code Editor / IDE) – Rarely do I use this anymore.
  • Xlinesoft PHPRunner (Code Editor / IDE / Generator) – Saves a ton of time
  • Microsoft Expression Web (Code Editor / WYSIWYG) – Rarely do I use this anymore.
  • Coda (Code Editor / WYSIWYG / CSS Editor) – Very nice but only works on my MacBook.
  • TopStyle Pro (CSS Editor) – I haven’t found anything that compares
  • IPSwitch WS-FTP Professional (FTP) – All of the Bells & Whistles for FTP
  • Filezilla (FTP) – Fewer features than WS-FTP but a lot faster.
  • Camtasia (Screen Capturing / Recording) – I haven’t found anything that compares.
  • SwishMax (Flash / Vector Animation) – A lot faster than Flash to work with .SWF files.
  • Audacity (Audio Editing / Recording) – I haven’t found anything that compares.
  • Garage Band (Audio Editing / Recording) – Only works on my MacBook
  • EZ Audio CD Ripper (Audio Editing / Ripping) – Fastest CD to MP3 Ripper I have found.
  • Skype (Communications) – My favorite chat, voice, video conferencing app.
  • RingCentral Call Controller (Communications) – Ties into our corporate phone system.
  • SSH Explorer (SSH) – Rarely do I have to use this anymore because we have an admin.
  • MySQL Administrator (Database) – I occasionally use this to connect to databases.
  • TJPing (Ping) – I sometimes use this instead of command line.
  • PuTTy (SSH, Telnet) – Rarely do I use this anymore because we have an admin.



  • http://twitter.com/kenosando Ken Sanders

    Depending on your extent of database usage, MySQL Workbench is key for anyone who needs to keep control of the architecture of a DB. Is cross-platform, and extends MySQL Administrator with Data Modeling – which is why I have used this in the past.
    Other than that, I am a Linux power user, so Windows seems foreign to me now – good luck with the reformat!

    • http://www.cottonrohrscheib.com Cotton Rohrscheib

      Thanks for the info, I am going to look into this…

  • http://twitter.com/tejones Todd E. Jones

    Do you guys need a pizza? LOL have fun

    • http://www.cottonrohrscheib.com Cotton Rohrscheib

      I always need a pizza. haha.

  • http://www.reflectionsbythehill.com reflections

    I know you Note++ for coding, have you thought of Netscape? It isn't a Javan IDE anymore. It does c++, php, ruby and … Although it seems like a heavy weight, you don't have to pull down everything. I hope the reformat went well.

    • http://www.cottonrohrscheib.com Cotton Rohrscheib

      I haven't looked at Netscape in forever. I will definitely check that out.

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